☯At a Luxury Complex in India, the Maids and the Madams Go to War

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NOIDA, India — The madams in the luxury gated community went to yoga classes and toddler playgroups; message

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Ok, you know how hard it is to agree with ideological enemies? Yeah, that’s what this is for me. Not sure if OP holds this opinion, or simply thought it was an interresting footnote in history. I live in Murfreesboro TN. If that sounds at all familiar, it’s because we had a huge ruckus over allowing local Islamic families to build a new mosque and community center, and it made it’s way to CNN. It involved a lot of angry, afraid, insulated from different groups southerners doing what they do best. Attack anything new and different, even though these people have been in our community for decades. There was even an argument made in open court about whether Islam was a religion. Not our finest hour.

But the biggest thing I learned from the good folks at PBS, CareBears, Go-Bots, and every TV show that ever tried to teach an important lession, it that it is unfair to judge somebody by something they can not change. Skin color, nation of birth, who their family are, ect. But that’s not what this is.

Mr. Churchill is criticizing a group based on their thoughts, their ideologie. As much of a raw deal as Muslims are getting right now, there are issues with what they think, as espoused be their adherence to a philosophy, that is a valid point of discourse. I am not a religious man, and therefore I have issues with any blind adherence to faith. There are restrictions of personal expression and independence based upon gender. I question Christians about these types of issues. While I try to spare Muslims my question because of the aggression they receive here, I must admit, if a man may be criticized about anything, it’s about what he holds to be true.


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